Friday, February 17, 2006


Messenger of Joy

Dear Friends,

God has been gracious to deliver Angela Joy Young into this world healthy and with a big fan club! Susan labored bravely Wednesday night and Thursday, and gave birth to "Angie" at 7:50 Thursday evening. She is 10 lb 3 oz (our family's biggest) and 21", with light brown hair.

We were blessed to be at Allen Birthing Center, with midwives Becky and Amy in attendance. Susan's good friend Lori Yandell helped as well, and was a Godsend. Dear people from our church, Lloyd and Betty, Larry and Norma, and Glen and Darlene, sweetly cared for the rest of our children while we were gone. (Andrew was having so much fun, he told Mommy not to hurry!)

Susan chose Angela Joy's name to mean "Messenger of Joy," but Susan and I have dear friends whose friendship influenced our choosing these names as well. My friend is Angela Temples, who was my next-door neighbor growing up, and now works at Southwestern Seminary. Susan's friend is Joy Rounsavall, who was a close friend in college, and now works as a church planting pastor's wife in California. Thank you, Angela and Joy, for adding sweetness to our dear baby's name.

I wish you could have seen how beautiful Susan looked during the hardest part of labor ("transition"). The beauty of Jesus Christ shined out from her face, and nearly took my breath. The ladies commented also, although I don't think they were as awe-struck as I was!

The baby was well past her due date, and we were tempted to worry. God knew just when to send the baby, though, and just how to bless us richly in the process. He is faithful.

Mommy and Baby are napping now, the fridge is filling up with food that the church has brought, and I feel surrounded by God's loving kindness as I write this.

Love in Christ,

Dear Jeff and Susan,

Congratulations to you and your family. What a beautiful name for what we are sure is a beautiful girl! God is good.

Amy Goodwin and family
Hey buddy...long time no talk. Congrats on the new baby. Sounds like God is doing great things in your life. God' blessing in our lives is evident as well. Some time we need to chat about life. I'm and my aim is
Talk to you soon.

Thanks for stopping by my site.

Kevin Bussey
Wow, congratulations to you and your family...I am impressed in your new daughter's size...she is almost 1/2 grown already!!! I am also impressed with your "blogging abilities"...this is the first time I have ever been on one and not sure what I am doing but I hope you get my message...Love to all!!! Diane
Bro. Jeff,

CONGRADULATIONS! I am grateful God has blessed you once again by putting another life in your quiver! I am also thankful for your ministry and committment to the Lord!


Bro. Jerry
Wow! Eight children? Praise the Lord! Did I count right? What are their ages? God has given us 9 so far and He is to be Praised for His wonderful work of providence and grace!
Dear Stephen,

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Amy 12 Abby 11 Allison 8 Andrew and Aaron 5 Anna 4 Alex 1 1/2 Angie-one week!

I'm thankful that God has made my dear wife to be a fruitful vine. I'm also thankful for your children! How did you and your wife become convinced to buck the social trends and allow the babies to come?

Love in Christ,

I came to see your blog from my brother Nathan White's blog.
I am SO happy for your family's new baby! What a wonderful blessing! We have 4 boys far...and are praying for more little arrows :)
I also use midwives (at home) to birth and it is such a blessing for me and my hubby to work together and bring forth more blessings from the Lord.
I also have 10+ lb I know what it is like having a toddler from birth!
Tiffany Flamm
We are firm believers in birth control its just that we believe that God, Himself, is the controller!
I love the spread of your children. Ours are very much the same:
Hannah 12
Spencer 10
Geneva 8
Isaac 7
Emily and Katherine 5
Corban 3
Benjamin 2
Stephen Jacob 8 months
God is so very Good!!
Jeff and Susan,
I rejoice with you in the birth of precious little "Angie" Joy! What a true miracle every baby is from our Lord. I'm truly honored that her middle name is Joy. I was so overwhelmed when I read it in your update.
I pray the Lord strengthens you and am so glad your precious church has your refegerator full of food!!
Susan, you are a dear friend and I pray the Lord strengthens you as you care for your new bundle of joy!
Love you, Jeff and Susan!
Joy Rounsavall

What a beautiful name! I love it.

We named our daughter Hannah Grace:
Hannah after the New Testament holy widow who saw the Lord as a baby in the temple.

Grace after - well, God's grace, of course.

My son was named merely after his two grandfathers. Cool in its own right, but still...
I know that this is VERY late in the game...But I googled myself and found this. I have the exact name and found it wonderful that you just happend to chose the same! Well I hope that she has brought you as much Joy as I feel I have to my family!!
Dear Joy,

Thank you for such a sweet note. Our AJY is now a sweet, smart, pretty 5-year-old whom we love dearly.

Love in Christ,

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