Monday, December 18, 2006


Irony of Modern-Day Christmas

Dear Courteous Reader,

Here's some Christmas irony for you:

This season is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. One way we celebrate is to give gifts to others, ostensibly to remember God's gift to us, the Wise Men's gifts to Jesus, and the generosity of the original Saint Nicholas, 3rd-4th century bishop in Turkey.

But in our modern-day Western celebration of Christmas, the gift-giving has taken on a life of its own. The advertising, shopping, buying (including charging), wrapping, mailing, giving, opening, and returning :) of gifts threaten to overwhelm the rest of the holiday, including what the central meaning originally was meant to be.

The irony comes when we consider what Jesus Himself said about money/stuff/possessions/mammon. To summarize His words in Matthew 6:19-34---Do not worship money or possessions, and do not worry about money or possessions. He said this, but in our modern day, we celebrate His birth by worshiping and worrying over money and possessions more than at any other time of the year!

To make the situation more intensely ironic, some Christians apply even this scripture passage as follows:

"Jesus said not to worry about tomorrow, so I will just borrow all the money I want/need to this Christmas through my credit cards, then trust Him to help me repay it all after the first of the year."

O, my dear Christian brothers and sisters, how it must grieve the Lord to see this holiday, which is ostensibly still about His birth, corrupted to this point.

Won't you, this year, obey Christ's commands regarding this matter?

Do not worship money and possessions. Do not worry about money and possessions.

Merry Christmas to all!

Love in Christ,



E.V. Hill preached a wonderful sermon about Christmas, a number of years ago. He said it's Jesus' birthday, and what on earth are we doing giving each other presents? He said you're supposed to give them to the guy with the birthday.

Namely, Jesus.

He said, in fact, Jesus told us just how to do that. Give to the least. To the ones who have nothing to give back. To the "have nots". He said that was exactly what he and his family did, every December.

And they refused to accept gifts from others, for Christmas. Talk about putting feet to scripture.
Dear Brother Bob,

Now you've quit preachin' and gone to meddlin'!

I guess I'll have to return all the expensive gifts I bought for you.

Merry Christmas!

Love in Christ,
Brother Jeff,

Sorry for the lateness to the stream, but I am just getting back into the habit of checking your blog.

You are right on in your assessment. We are really trying to get our little girl to grasp this concept. Your words have convicted me as to my desires for new gliltz called nothing other than "bling".

I pray your family had a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

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