Monday, November 12, 2007


The Liberating Loveliness of Biblical Worship part 1

Dear Courteous Reader,

If this order of worship looks familiar to you, if it makes you unsure of whether to laugh or weep, please read the series of posts that will follow, to learn more about biblical worship.

Love in Christ,


11:00 Announcements of Upcoming Events
11:02 Singing "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Anniversary"
11:05 Prayer (kept short to save time)
11:06 Hymn (skipping middle verses to save time)
11:09 Fellowship (greet, shake hands, hug, chat)
11:12 Committee Report
11:14 Praise Songs
11:24 Skit by Youth Drama Team
11:28 Recognition of Veterans (or mothers, or fathers, or graduates, or teachers)
11:31 Offertory Hymn (skipping middle verses to save time)
11:34 Offertory Prayer (kept short to save time)
11:35 Giving of offerings by passing the plate, with musical accompaniment
11:39 Special Music (solo or small group)
11:43 Sermon (brief scripture reading and quick prayer included)
11:58 Invitation/Altar Call
12:02 Closing Prayer or Song
12:03 Grumbling About Getting Out Late


You left out "or throw up".
Uhh .. you also omitted..

11:34:15 Examine Fingernails While Guy At Front Talks


11:48, 51, 53 and 54: Look at watch.

11:55: Look at Watch, Then Listen to Watch To Discern Whether Still Ticking

11:57 Listen to Watch, Shake Watch, and Listen Again.

And, I'm betting the hymn that you sang the first, second, and last stanzas of was "Take Time to Be Holy".
Dear Bob,

"Take Time to Be Holy"---that cracked me up!

It is great to have you come by to read this blog. I hope you and my mom both enjoy it! :)

Love in Christ,

Hi Jeff,

I read your blog. I had been watching for some new posts and it's good to see you're back in the blogosphere.

I got connected to your blog from Alan Cross's website.

I am in seminary and my wife and I have wondered how you pull off ministy and juggle family (we have 3 currently).
Dear Brother Andrew,

Welcome! I am so glad you have come by. I hope you will establish a blog soon, so we can read what God has been teaching you.

In a nutshell, we juggle church and family mainly by trying to say, "yes" to what is essential and "no" to what is not.

May the Lord bless you and your family.

Love in Christ,


Long time no hear from! That was a great post. You are exactly right. We try and fit everything into a very short amount of time and wonder what is wrong with our spiritual lives. It is very sad. And, what is worse, shepherds who are tasked with the care and nurturing of the church play along with it so that we don't upset anyone. Who are we serving?

And, yes. Andrew needs a blog. Keep after him about that, if you will.
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