Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Beyond "Submit to the Authorities" part 5

A Pause to Answer Objections

Dear Courteous Reader,

Thanks be to God that He has given believers the benefit of counsel among ourselves. No one has a complete understanding of all things, and so we benefit from the fellowship of other Christians. Sometimes other believers can add their learning to our own, so filling gaps in our theology. Other times they can critique our doctrine, so helping us separate the dross from the silver

In this case, God has provided two brothers, who have taken issue with the doctrine presented in this series of articles. One is “Eklektos,” who commented on the blog. Another is a very dear and respected fellow pastor, who sent an e-mail. These two men's objections to my interpretation of Romans 13 have been given so strongly, so reasonably, and with such obvious love for Christ and His church, that I must now pause to answer their objections.

Please bear with me patiently. For my part, answering objections is harder than simply teaching, and requires more time in study. For your part, following all the arguments and their supporting points is harder than simply reading an article. The task of understanding and obeying the Bible, however, is well worth the hard work. These brothers who have studied the issue and put their objections to my interpretation in writing have sacrificed time and effort to do so. Likewise, it will be an additional commitment of time and attention for me to answer. It's springtime outside. The seeds, the soil, and the sunshine are calling for my attention out there. This matter of submission to the government is of great importance, however, and also increasing urgency.

Please pray for me, dear ones, as I work on this. I am a frail creature of dust, and feeble as frail. Only by the work of the Holy Spirit on my mind will I be able rightly to interpret the scriptures, rightly to apply them, and effectively to express them in writing.

Love in Christ,


Jeff, is this study going to continue or will it stop here?
Dear Joseph,

I apologize for leaving this so long. It is definitely a continuing study, and I hope to present the next installment very soon.

Love in Christ,

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