Thursday, November 11, 2010


SFC Richard Kenneth "Dick" Young, U.S. Army

Courteous Reader,

Today being November 11, Veterans Day, I would like to write this brief remembrance of my own father, who was a veteran of the Korean War. Obviously this is not a full biography, nor even a recounting of what I know of his war experience. It is just a brief mention that I am thankful to the Lord for my father, for his service to the Savior, to this country, and to our family. May the Lord raise up many Christians, Americans, and fathers to serve as he did.

Love in Christ,


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Thank you brother for this wonderful mention of a great man. People may never know how remarkable a man he is.

And to you I also say thank you for your service to this country as a soldier and your continuing service as a father and a teacher.

I love you.

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